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Height: 29cm sitting or 11 1/2" Pattern.

Skill Level: Medium +.

Milo is a very cute dog who can be made in a variety of furs. He has an open mouth, jointed head, legs and wired ears and tail so you can pose him in lots of fun positions! Just watch him aound your slippers though as he likes to chew.

Pattern only: NZ$18.00

Kitset with pattern: NZ$55.00 gold acrylic

Kitset with pattern: NZ$55.00 white/black striped acrylic

Kitset with pattern: NZ$59.00 shaggy grey acrylic (more difficult due to long fur)

The kits contains: Pattern, synthetic fur, paw fabric, joints, sew-in eyes (not baby safe) & nose, ear and tail wire.