Paul (2019) - SOLD!

Paul (2019) - SOLD!

Product Code: Yesteryear - Paul
Sorry - adopted to a new home!
Price: On Request


Paul is very happy to spend the day reading although he does get a little lonely and would love to meet a 'special' friend.

He is made from German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He is 41 cm (16") high.


Paul is wearing a cute bow tie and his reading fez hat and antique glasses. He gets his name from his German 1929 official document. He also enjoys the 1861(!) German poetry(?) book along with several other old books. He is sitting in wooden display box complete with his vintage pipe and reproduction mechanical pocket watch. Paul is the perfect companion for any of your lady bears looking for company!

Edition: 1/3, Accessories 1/1