Micky (2018) - SOLD

Micky (2018) - SOLD

Product Code: Yesteryear - Micky
Sorry - adopted to a new home!
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Micky is very happy to spend the day reading and listening to music.

He is made from German alpacca with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He has glass beads in his tummy, arms and legs to give him a lovely soft feel. He is 21 cm (8 1/2") high and filled with glass beads to give him a lovely heavy soft feel.


Micky is wearing a cute bow tie and his reading fez hat and antique glasses. He gets his name from his1907 poetry book which he loves to read. He also enjoys the 1883 German book complete with vintage bookmark. He is sitting in wooden tray which sits on his favourite record - an old 45 of the Hallelujah Chrous from Handels "Messiah"

Edition: 1/3, Accessories 1/1