John (2018)

John (2018)

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John is getting prepared for his first trip overseas with his essential travel items.

He is 38cm (15 inches) made from a wavy German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. 


He comes with everything you see! John is sitting in a beautiful antique leather mens vanity case complete with various containers and accessories. He also has his vintage shaver, (new) shaving brush and night cap glass for his favourite dram! He plans to visit both London and Germany so has a 1937 guide to London and 1875 German book so he can practise his German. He also has a little spending money so has a 100 Mark note from around 1910. He wants to take lots of photos so has a vintage 1914 Butchers Carbine pocket camera. He is wearing his best bow tie and vintage glasses! He gets his name from his 1922 house insurance document in Dunedin.

Edition: Bear 4/5, Accessories 1/1