Alan (2019) - SOLD!

Alan (2019) - SOLD!

Product Code: Yesteryear - Alan
Sorry - adopted to a new home!
Price: On Request


Alan was inspired by Roy who is a keen 'audiophile' always improving his stereo system with various components. As Roy has lots of 'bits and pieces' floating around there will be more in this series!!!

He is made from a distressed German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He is 22 cm (8.5 inches) high.


Alan is wanting to build an amplifier and has so far managed to find a circuit diagram, vintage meter and old valves - perfect for starting his project! He sits on a turned wooden base. Complete with Roys fathers technical training manual from the 1950's.

Edtion: Bear 2/10, Accessories 1/1