D'Lyell Bears

D’Lyell Bears

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary! We can't believe we have been 'in the fur' for quarter of a century and still going strong.

Welcome to our world of bears and other friends. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Roy and I have been making bears since 1991 and amazingly(!) still get as much pleasure from it as we did when we started.

We had a fantastic time at Aprils German show in Műnster and it was great to catch up with so many of you and meet new friends. Heather enjoyed judging at the GOLDEN GEORGE competition and we look forward to returning again next year. The only surprise was driving back after the Sunday pack down when it started to snow - a novelty for us! Now we are busy making more bears for Julys Tokyo show as our suitcases were very empty on the way home from Germany. We will update the photos when we have finished some new designs.

We are also delighted to tell the locals that we have booked into many shows around New Zealand. It has been several years since we took our bears and craft kits for a road trip so it will be great to see you all again. Just go to our show page for more information and we have some great new puppets!

We have also been very busy designing new bears and friends for Charlie Bears in England. It is wonderful to see so many of our designs in their catalogue and getting such a great response from collectors around the world.

If you are in Auckland you are always welcome to pop in to see us in our studio where we have a small showroom. Just give us a call first to make sure we are here and not away travelling with the bears. We live in central Auckland so are easy to get to.

Beary regards,

Heather & Roy

Updated May 2016